Thursday, November 13, 2008


Alcoholics and Addicts need the 12 Steps on a daily basis for the rest of their natural lives - where does the confusion lie?. One hears a terrible amount of bullshit in relation to the recovery process. It comes from a desire to play God in another persons life and it rarely, if ever, helps them.
'I need to feel things'
'Put yourself first when it comes to Step 8'
'Be good to yourself'
'Wait two years to do the Steps'
Statements like that serve one purpose. - to serve up someones out-of-control Ego and to get the other guy drunk so his can be deflated, and possibly dead. There is a Fellowship book somewhere in the next 12 Step group you go to. That book has a tendency to be far more accurate than any addict or alcoholic sitting in the seat next to you. Even if one doesn't agree to all the principles of it - one must admit that it is, in essence, the only real shot at peace that one has left. Alcohol and Addictions are, by their very nature, killers. Bullshit and dishonesty are its main forms of food. It likes a bit of defiance and resentment for starters, then it works on a bit of pride and anger - and finally, after layers of misery, it washes you down with A HIT. Be honest. Do the program - do it the hard way, the only way. And get it out of the way so you can have an amazing life.
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inrecovery @ digg said...

I agree that if you are not religious you must be creative in the way you interpret the steps. Yes, the guy sitting next to you is crazy but without him you may loose control. Always rely on your fellow friends.